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The firm has established itself in the niche field of sports and gaming law practice delving into all aspects of the field from opining on game of skill v. game of chance principles, athlete and franchise management, business advisory and strategizing, contract negotiations to league structuring & management. The firm’s expertise extends in an interdisciplinary manner to other connected fields of law such as intellectual property laws, contract law, constitutional law, anti-doping law and personality management and its link with sports and gaming laws. Some of the clients, who have been utilising our diverse and specially tailored legal services for sports and gaming quite profitably, include athletes, league teams, academies, sports broadcasters, e-gaming and fantasy gaming business owners, equipment manufacturers & suppliers and other entities involved in the activities and businesses of the sports and gaming industry. The firm has an experienced and wide range of experts specializing in both spectrums of traditional sports and modern gaming laws. Generally, this field of law has two different areas of specialization, i.e., litigation and transactional expertise. Our team of litigation lawyers have a constant focus on providing the clients strategies for offensive and defensive legal actions involving other parties (i.e., responding to a lawsuit from another person, issuing preliminary demands or commencing a legal action, responding to governmental inquiries or when accused of violations of the law, etc.). On the other hand, our team of transactional lawyers have continuously been involved in facilitating business deals, negotiation tactics, strategic business initiatives, and other contractual matters involved in the sports business (i.e., sponsorship and endorsement deals, athlete representation, structuring and financing deals, etc.).

Lawyers At ANM Global Have Vast Experiences In Advising Sports Based Entities On Serving Various Services Such As:

  • Sporting League Formulation.
  • Athlete And Franchise Representation.
  • Sponsorships, Advertising, And Broadcasting Deals.
  • Anti-Doping.
  • Online Fantasy Gaming & Betting Laws.
  • Regulatory, Policy, And Compliance Relating To Various Sporting Disciplines.
  • Sport Related Dispute Resolution & Litigation.

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